5 Tips For Photographing Your Pet

1. Tell Your Photographer Beforehand 

This can help your photographer prep for picking the perfect location! Not every area in Eau Claire or Osseo is pet friendly, and some pets need extra consideration! Does your pup do well with other animals? Crowded places? If they are a little boisterous, River Prairie Park on a weekend is probably not the spot for them - But a small rod and gun club off HWY 53 might do the ticket! Talk with your photographer about your pets needs and any concerns you may have before settling down on a date and a location. 

2. Bring A Leash 

Even if your pet is good off leash, its the law to have them leashed in public areas. Plus many of the locations you would bring a pup too will have other people, dogs, or wildlife running amuck! Even the most well behaved pup can dart off after a bunny or a deer. Keep your furry friends safe and always have the option of a leash handy! 

3. Bring Treats

New smells, new people, lots of sitting -- photo sessions can test a pups training and self control! Bring some treats to incentivize good behavior. It also gives me the option of holding a treat by the camera to get that perfect smile from your four legged family member. 

4. Call In Reinforcements

Is Grammy used to babysitting Fido? Good! Bring her a long to help whistle, call his name, and hold treats for your photographer! If you have a friend or family member who isn't in the photos, that would be willing to come and assist, its a great idea! As an added bonus, once your done with your dogs photos, they can take them for a short walk during the duration of your session! 

5. Walk It Out

A tired pup is a well behaved pup! Take your dog for a walk if you can before your session to tucker them out, some of my favorite spots are River Prairie Park, Lowes Creek, Carson Park, or public hunting/fishing lands like the Tollefsen Wildlife Area. 


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